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Since its foundation in 1981, Lalchand Babulal has become one of the leading suppliers of TEA in Kolkata. We are specially known for high-grown world famous DARJEELING TEA. Other categories like Orthodox Tea, CTC Tea, Green Tea are also well accepted among our buyers. At present we owe 3 companies and we are in a position to satisfy our customers as per quality and quantity respectively.
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  • Tea History

    Tea History

    Tea is an aromatic beverage prepared in hot boiling water with curved leaves of the Tea Plant.

  • Tea Benefits

    Tea Benefits

    It reduces cardiovascular disease and promote oral health, reduces blood pressure and controls weight.

  • Tea Production

    Tea Production

    High quality Tea are cultivated 4900 ft above sea level as they grow slowly and acquire better flavor.

  • Tea Packing

    Tea Packing

    Tea can generally be divided into categories based on how they are processed.

  • Factory Processing of Tea

    Factory Processing

    There are at best 6 different types of Tea: White, Yellow, Green, Oolong and Black.

  • Perfect Prepration of Tea

    Perfect Prepration

    Perfect tea preparation has an important role in making a good tea cup.